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Dr. Richard A. W. Tortorella
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Dr. Richard A. W. Tortorella is a Courtesy Researcher with the University of North Texas, and an Affiliated Researcher with the University of Eastern Finland. He is also an assistant editor for the Springer Smart Learning Environments Journal. His current research focus is on the merger of context-aware learning systems with artificial intelligence. His work is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of research in advanced learning systems.

Prior to his current appointments, he was an Assitant Editor for the Educational Technology & Society Journal (SSCI indexed with 5-Year impact factor of 2.034 according to Thomson Scientific 2016 Journal Citations Report). He has also been active in post secondary education both in course development and instruction.

Dr. Tortorella is a member of IEEE and a member of the International Association of Smart Learning Environments (IASLE).
Email:  tortorella (at)
Alternative Email: richard(dot)tortorella (at)
Skype: rtortore

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