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Dr. Richard A. W. Tortorella
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Recent selected published works

  • Brown, W. J., Tortorella, R. A. W. (2020). Hybrid medical simulation – a systematic literature review. Smart Learning Environments.
  • El-Bishouty, M. M., Aldraiweesh, A., Alturki, U., Tortorella, R., Yang,  J., Chang, T. W., & Graf, S. (2019). Use of Felder and Silverman  learning style model for online course design. Educational Technology Research and Development, 67(1), 161-177.
  • Richard A. W Tortorella, Kinshuk, Nian-Shing Chen (2018). Head in the clouds: Some of the possible issues with cloud-computing in education. In Frontiers of Cyberlearning: Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning, Springer, Singapore.
  • Tortorella, R. A., Kinshuk, & Chen, N. S. (2018). Framework for designing context-aware learning systems. Education and Information Technologies, 23(1), 143-164.
  • Tortorella, R. A., & Kinshuk. (2017). A mobile context-aware medical training system for the reduction of pathogen transmission. Smart Learning Environments, 4(1), 4.
  • Tortorella, R. A., Kinshuk, Chen, N. S., & Graf, S. (2017). A classification framework for context-aware mobile learning systems. International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science (IJMECS), 9(7), 1-11.
  • Tortorella, R. A. W., & Graf, S. (2017). Considering learning styles and context-awareness for mobile adaptive learning. Education and Information Technologies, 22(1), 297-315.
  • Tortorella, R. A. W., Hobbs, D., Kurcz, J., Bernard, J., Navarro, S. M. B., Chang, T., Graf, S. (2015). Improving Learning based on the Identification of Working Memory Capacity, Adaptive Context Systems, Collaborative Learning and Learning Analytics. In M. Chang and A.-S. Farook (Eds.), Proceedings of Science and Technology Innovations.
  • Graf, S., Kinshuk, K. B., Khan, F. A., Maguire, P., Mahmoud, A., Rambharose, T., Tortorella, R. A. W., Zhang, Q. (2012). Adaptivity and personalization in learning systems based on students’ characteristics and context. In The 1st international symposium on smart learning environment (pp. 33-36).
  • Tortorella, R. A., & Graf, S. (2012). Personalized mobile learning via an adaptive engine. In Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2012 IEEE 12th International Conference on (pp. 670-671). IEEE.


Spector, M., Kumar, V., Essa, A., Huang, Y.-M., Koper, R., Tortorella, R., Chang, T.-W., Li, Y., Zhang, Z. (Eds.) (2018). Frontiers of Cyberlearning: Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning, Springer, Singapore.

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Alternative Email: richard(dot)tortorella (at)
Skype: rtortore

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