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Dr. Richard A. W. Tortorella
"I have a question for all of your answers" - The Northern Pikes
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Mobile computing devices are everywhere. We find them in every part of our daily lives – including in the classrooms of our schools. We use these mobile devices for many different purposes, from communicating, taking photos and even for learning. However, when we look at learning, we must also pay attention to the context, or the circumstances, in which we find ourselves when using such mobile computing devices. Indeed, mobile devices, are, by definition, mobile, which means that the context of the device (and the learner using it) can change drastically.
The context in which we find ourselves can, and does, affect the way we learn. It is therefore natural that as our context affects our learning, we should devise a system which can be made aware of its context and adapt our learning based on its context. These systems are called context-aware learning systems.
My research focus is to combine the strengths of contaxt-aware learning systems and artificial intelligence, allowing learners of any description to directly benefit from technology and help in their learning.

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